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✿A new nano-ionic facial steamer that combining a conventional heating element with a new ultrasonic vaporizer to produce nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles. Nano steam combined with ionic water particles is up to 20x more effective in pen

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Zenpy Facial Steamer uses advanced Nano Ionic Steam technology and Segmented Atomization System to generate soothing, hot-spring like waves of ionic steam particles 4,000 times finer than traditional steam to penetrate and moisturize the skin. The nano-steam not only provides you with a deep and thorough cleansing experience by opening pores but also moisturizes the skin and stimulates circulation in the face. Besides, the stylish, compact and hand-held design allows you to steam your face and keep a healthy, natural-looking complexion whenever you want and wherever you go.

1.Gentle and hydrating Pure physical hydration, higher than that of mask

2. Natural safety Simply adds pure water. No mineral water to reject chemicals.

3. Deep moisture Open the pores, export the dirt from the roots, and naturally let moist in.

4. Soothe and stimulate your skin. Rich and delicate spa mist that smooths skin texture and increases elasticity.

5. Rich mist, more water moisture Help better apply makeup, self-confidence for a beautiful photo.

6 Suit for most kinds of skin: Sensitive skin: irritated skin with itching redness Rough skin: dry and uneven surface with large pores Flabby skin: fine wrinkles due to lack of elasticity Dull skin: dark complexion, no bloody face Acne skin: frequent acne, oily skin.

7. The hot spring mist opens the pore and breaks into the skin bottom from the outside to the inside, allowing the skin to get hydrated like a sponge.