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Author : Khris and Bea
Update time : 2020-02-14 14:52:00
I put off buying a facial steamer for soooo long and I finally did it! After watching beauty guru’s rave about how the steamer helps it truly was time to get one.

This steamer is very lightweight. It does take some space but it’s not obnoxiously big. It doesn’t take long for it to start blowing out the steam. Under a minute and the instructions did say to let it blow out a few times as there might be a smell the first time it’s used. But honestly there wasn’t an off putting smell in my opinion.

I haven’t used the little blackheads tools it came with because I don’t know how to use it but I have also always wanted to try them. I think it’s great that it came with it.

It’s very easy to use. The design is simple and it also came with a dust cover for the steamer’s opening!

It doesn’t blow out the steam harshly and honestly I had the sniffles one night, so while I was doing my nighttime skin routine, my sinuses went away.

Love my steamer!