Worth it for the headband alone!

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Author : Charisse
Update time : 2020-06-12 15:34:00
To start, is the cutest little steamer I’ve ever seen. I got a steamer many years ago, that I’ve never used because it’s huge and inconvenient. This is the opposite. You just open the back, out some water in your the removable water supply tank, and you’re good to go. Plug it in and let it do it’s thing. It warms up pretty quickly, and you’ll see a blue light in the middle when the steam starts. Per my video, you can see that the steam quality is very good. Not too little or too much... just perfect. The steam runs for a few minutes, and shuts off when the water runs out. I think this is a great safety feature. Itncomes with an instruction manual that gives good and detailed information.

Since COVID hit, I haven’t been able to get a facial done in 3 months. I have picking my face like crazy, and it has gotten really bad. So I bought some at home beauty machines, and I’m so glad I found this one to add to my routine. It’s too soon to tell, but I’m hoping this stuff helps me clear up my skin. I’m going to see if I can contact the seller to ask if I’m able to use rose water and/or essential oils, to make it more of an authentic spa feel. But my skin does feel more moisturized, and it helped open up my sinuses. It comes with a bunch of different pore tools, but I haven’t tried them yet.

Now the aesthetics.. this thing is adorable. I love the pink flower on top, the purple ON button, and the blue light through the steamer. I think the best part about this steamer is the headband. Cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and 100% needed it. I’m going to use it for so many different things, especially washing my face.

This machine is great, cutest headband ever, and a variety of pore tools. and I def recommend it to anyone who needs a steamer. Easy to use, easily to clean, great deal.